Lovely Liam
Do you talk to Moya? Does she visit this page?

I don’t really talk to Moya and I’m not sure how much she actually visits and or looks at the blog, but every once in a while she will submit information/photos to me :)

I think the good question here is: does Liam DATE at all? He just doesn't seem like a romantic person to me, sure he has feelings... but I just can't see him being the relationship type, no offense.

No offense taken! I can totally see what you mean. Though… The Liam that we see might not be much like the Liam in his private life. There’s a lot we don’t know about him, and that’s alright :)
Maybe he dates, maybe he doesn’t~ ha :)

Klaus & Violet

who was the girl he was in love with? was she a regular person or a celebrity?

I’m sorry anon dear, but I’m not sure who you are referring to! He has never been public with a girlfriend, if that helps at all :)

i also heard he likes Green Day but not i'm not sure

I feel like in older interviews he did mention this. 

do you ever see Liam getting married? i know this may come out rude but he doesn't seem like the kind of guy that wants to start a family and have a wife, it just looks like he wants to focus on his acting career for the rest of his life, but then again i don't know him personally, just making an observation

To be honest, I don’t really see him doing this, either. BUT I don’t really know him, so I could be totally wrong haha But I get what you mean!

Refresher of upcoming projects

If you want to read up on any of Liam’s up coming projects, here is a list :) 

The Frontier

Let Me Down Easy

Ned Rifle


Untitled Project

Liam is in two upcoming projects. One is called Cleveland and the other is an untitled movie with michalka sisters.

I was just about to post an update for Cleveland :) I hadn’t heard anything about the untitled project~Thank you so much, dear anon :) 

You can read more about Cleveland here! 
You can read very little about the untitled project here!

BTS of the untitled project with the Michalka sisters.